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Teaching and learning are changing. Students become active participants in the learning process. Exercises span over subject boundaries and can be anything from traditional to digital. Teachers need to be on control of and motivate personalized workflows for each student, using flipped classrooms, digital distribution, and even self-directed learning.

Skuugo gives principals, teachers and students the perfect environment to plan and follow-up individual learning paths in fun way. Skuugo motivates students to learn more via gamification, positive attitude and rewarding regardless of skill level of individual student.

Skuugo is available for Android phones and tablets, Apple iPhone and iPad, Nokia Lumia and many other. If you want to use your PC, laptop, or other tablet that's fine as well.

Skuugo is available in Finland and is compliant with the OPS 2016 (Opetussuunnitelma 2016). Other countries coming soon.

Features and Benefits
  • Combines the overall teaching and learning plan to everyday schoolwork
  • Motivates students to learn new things using gamification
  • Gives principals a tool to follow-up and control the execution of the teaching and learning plans
Web Applications
Need an all-inclusive web application tailored for your business? Maybe a shiny new front-end for your existing software? Or just a catchy landing page?

We know this stuff inside out - let our expertise bring you what you need.
Mobile Applications
Sometimes a responsive website just isn't enough. Sometimes you need to get things done when 3G or wifi is down ... and sometimes it's just plain cool to have your own flashy app.

Don't worry - we'll get you one.
Custom Software
Do you need a software solution which hasn't even heard of HTML or iOS? We've built desktop tools for telecom giants and underground tracking systems for mining companies. We've interfaced many APIs and tamed a lot of complex code.

We'll get you sorted out.
ROCKHOPPER SELFSERVE. Courier shipment management system for logistics companies. Selfserve provides quoting, booking and tracking facilities.
LIMO. We developed an online booking application for a limousine company who needed a system which integtrates seamlessly to their existing backend.
WISTLER. A proprietary mobile application developed for logistics companies. Wistler is used to transmit shipping orders to courier drivers and track the progress of the jobs.
SHARPER. A mobile application used by sales agents of a painting company. Allows the agents to display various painting options and other information on the spot.
JAINOS. Content publishing tool used by newspapers and media companies to manage online advertisement.
AGENT CONSOLE. A proprietary fleet management tool for a logistics company. Agent Console is used to manage a nation-wide driver network of hundreds of agents.
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